D’Opus + Roshambo Mayday

This world is in a state of flux. This decade has seen changes that would seem an absurd fictional tale, if you were to explain it to someone a generation before. We express and gauge ourselves by social media’s omnipotent scrutiny, the ephemeral gaze of minute by minute digital memories, the left and right pull of societal swing, and the disposability of creativity. ‘Mayday’ is D’Opus & Roshambo’s call for concern and observation – a new nine track release that frames their world, as it stands now. D’Opus forms a production landscape that treads between familiar frequencies and speculative horizons. … Continue reading D’Opus + Roshambo Mayday

Axiom’s Top 5 12 Inches Of All Time

After the release of Axiom Digi 12″ 1 a few months ago, Kay Illa and Bom are back with Digi 12″ 2. In honor of the release we got the guys to talk about their top 5 12″ of all time. We didn’t say Australian albums must feature……but it’s good to see some representation up there! BIG L A1 Put It On A2 Put It On – Instrumental A3 Put It On – Radio Edit A4 Put It On – Accapella B1 Put It On – L.G. Remix B2 Put It On – L.G. Instrumental B3 Put It On – … Continue reading Axiom’s Top 5 12 Inches Of All Time