Thundamentals New Video “Think About It Feat. Peta & The Wolves”

An impressionist view of a romantic relationship, the ‘Think About It’ video looks at the bittersweet cycle of happiness and pain we feel in relationships. Filmed with the focus on real life lovers Los Angeles based Jess and Corey, the moments of real tenderness to power play are shared with the bed as the centre stage. Directed by ARIA Award winning Kris Moyes (Presets, Architecture In Helsinki, Sia), the Australian filmmaker injects pop culture references into these moments so they take on a surreal or absurd quality while viewing the relationship through a ‘feminine gaze’. The video release follows the … Continue reading Thundamentals New Video “Think About It Feat. Peta & The Wolves”

Thundamentals Never Say Never

Blue Mountains via Newtown hip-hop heroes Thundamentals, have emerged from the studio with a brand new offering in the form of their latest single ‘Never Say Never’ and a huge slew of tour dates to boot. The single was premiered on Triple J’s Good Nights and fans were not disappointed. I guess the song is kinda about making the most of the cards that life deals you. Maintaining confidence and self belief in the face of adversity. So what you drive a 94′ Corolla? Chuck some rims on that banger and fang some bloody laps mate!! Jeswon explains. Fresh off … Continue reading Thundamentals Never Say Never