Mr. Hill & Rahjconkas Flip Violent Soho’s Covered In Chrome

With 2 albums released in 2 years, they are proof that hard work pays off. None can disregard their passion and drive for making music by constantly pushing the boundaries of hip hop as a genre and striving for a truly unique sound. Mr Hill & Rahjconkas have again began constructing new music with the creation of their 3rd album. The new album will see the pair taking on a more mature roll as song writers and really setting themselves apart in the industry as innovators. Placing firm guidelines down for the new direction and sound. They have taken on a … Continue reading Mr. Hill & Rahjconkas Flip Violent Soho’s Covered In Chrome

Mr Hill & Rahjconkas Non Stop Official Video

The new single from local Hip Hop up and comers Mr Hill & Rahjconkas premiered the new film clip for NON STOP the other night on triple j’s Home and Hosed website.  With a healthy dose of Project X, Beer Bongs, Pool Skating, Babes and Explosions the new clip has hit the ground running clocking over 300 views in 5 mins. The follow up track to the successful Telescope single was released on the 4th of April and has been well received by their fans and the hip hop community. If you haven’t caught MHRC recently you can hit them up on the … Continue reading Mr Hill & Rahjconkas Non Stop Official Video

Mr Hill & Rahjconkas Non-Stop

Mr Hill & Rahjconkas (MHRC) are at it again with their new single Non-Stop. Non-Stop is the new single from the QLD and NSW duo and is also the follow up party track to the highly successful single Telescope. The new track features cuts from DJ Adfu, with artwork from Kurbcreative. Last month, MHRC headed to Brisbane to support hip hop heavyweights Jurrassic 5, for their 2014 Australian Reunion tour. MHRC will also be performing at the Big Pineapple Music Festival May 17. The new single is a cracker, you can purchase the new single Non-Stop now from iTunes.. Purchase  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter Continue reading Mr Hill & Rahjconkas Non-Stop