Mr. Hill & Rahjconkas Flip Violent Soho’s Covered In Chrome

With 2 albums released in 2 years, they are proof that hard work pays off. None can disregard their passion and drive for making music by constantly pushing the boundaries of hip hop as a genre and striving for a truly unique sound. Mr Hill & Rahjconkas have again began constructing new music with the creation of their 3rd album.


The new album will see the pair taking on a more mature roll as song writers and really setting themselves apart in the industry as innovators. Placing firm guidelines down for the new direction and sound. They have taken on a more composition based roll and hit the studio together to create songs from the ground up.

Staying true to the original with its quintessential opening riff and nationally known anthem “HELL FUCK YEAH” the duo bring their own heavy hip hop beats to make something a little different but special for the fans nonetheless. Once hitting YouTube the track reached 1000+ views in under 24 hours and continues to grow as MHRC’s most shared clip to date.

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