Sekure D Talks Sneakers In New Podcast

As sneaker culture here in Australia hits an all-time high, it’s only part of natural evolution that we would start to see some online content produced with a straight up Australian flavor. Many would be familiar with the custom sneaker culture here in Australia, and in-turn would know that there’s no one else quite like Sekure D.  Sekure D is a custom sneaker artist who has produced an ever-growing list of custom kicks. Sekure has worked on two collaboration sneakers with the skate footwear brand Globe and has been featured in a variety of magazines, websites, newspapers and books including Sneaker … Continue reading Sekure D Talks Sneakers In New Podcast

New Podcast Episode With Emcee/Producer Koolta

As we return for the first episode of aahh Podcast for the new year, we have a massive show in store. Our guest today hails from South Australia, he is an MC and producer. He has just been selected by MusicSA to perform at the Clipsal 500 Concert held in Adelaide. Our guest also has a brand new album on the way. will be revealing some exclusive news surrounding the album, so be sure to tune in for that. Press play, sit back and enjoy! You can keep up to date with all the latest news and music from … Continue reading New Podcast Episode With Emcee/Producer Koolta

Kerser Interview 4th LP KING Drops Tomorrow

KING Is By Far His Best And Most Accessible, Despite Being The Most Brutal! A success story no one predicted, MC Kerser is the most polarising voice in Australian hip hop, epitomising the notoriously hard-living suburbs of Sydney’s outer west. With trademark, unapologetic, honesty, KING documents Kerser’s incredible trajectory from his stomping ground in Sydney’s West [‘C-Town’], the fight he’s undertaken to get out [‘Put Life in Rap’] and the hard-won realisation that success creates its own problems [‘Forever’.] Though championed by the marginalised society he emerged from, some early fans have fallen by the wayside, accusing Kerser of flaunting … Continue reading Kerser Interview 4th LP KING Drops Tomorrow

aahh Radio Season 2 Episode 1: Ry

Fresh off a knockout 2013, Ry gives us Circles – the first single from his upcoming album, slated for late 2014 release. Ry’s witty trademark flow shines on this song with a hook that is as infectious as the guitar riff he raps over. Circles is the first of several singles to be released this year through Inertia, and there are several interstate shows lined up for 2014, Circles is the perfect introduction to what is looking to be a breakout year for Ry. Circles is out now through Inertia Access via all major online retailers. Be sure to check … Continue reading aahh Radio Season 2 Episode 1: Ry

aahh Radio – Episode 13: Bliss N Eso [Eso]

In the wake of debuting at #1 on the ARIA Album Chart with their fifth studio effort Circus In The Sky, Bliss n Eso now find themselves with the highest selling Australian album of 2013, and a revered Gold plaque after only 10 days of release. Between the multiple number one charting albums and chart records, various awards and accolades, an unprecedented live presence and the most loyal music fanbase in the country, the Sydney trio continue to push not only themselves, but hip-hop, forward in Australia. Bliss N Eso are stoked to announce that they are joining Big Day … Continue reading aahh Radio – Episode 13: Bliss N Eso [Eso]