Sekure D Talks Sneakers In New Podcast

As sneaker culture here in Australia hits an all-time high, it’s only part of natural evolution that we would start to see some online content produced with a straight up Australian flavor. Many would be familiar with the custom sneaker culture here in Australia, and in-turn would know that there’s no one else quite like Sekure D. 


Sekure D is a custom sneaker artist who has produced an ever-growing list of custom kicks. Sekure has worked on two collaboration sneakers with the skate footwear brand Globe and has been featured in a variety of magazines, websites, newspapers and books including Sneaker Freaker, Sole Collector, The Age and ‘Custom Kicks’. His other clients have included Nike, Foot Locker, Kid Robot, Puma, Adidas and more.

We now see Sekure step into the Podcast game with his brand new Sekure D Podcast. Set out in fortnightly format, the podcast features a range of guests including Lawrie Pigot, who is an apparel and accessories designer at Globe. In every new episode there are variety of topics discussed and listeners can get involved by suggesting topics each week.

Be sure to check out Episode 2 here. As gets a shout out for suggesting the topic “Worst Sneaker Collaborations of 2014”. 

Be sure to peep all the episodes here.

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