Anthony Devine Presents: Contest Us The Album

Anthony Devine, son of Melbourne jazz musician Gary Devine, was almost inevitably set to pursue a career in music. Having taken up piano at the age of eight and studying primarily under Andy Cowan, he progressed to studying bass guitar at age twelve with notable figures such as Dan West, Wylie J. Miller, Tim Pryde, and Drew Deadman. Now, having worked for some years across a diverse range of musical styles including Hip-Hop, Reggae, Metal, Funk, Jazz, and Afrobeat, he has honed his skills as a progressive musician and had the privilege of playing with prominent artists such as King … Continue reading Anthony Devine Presents: Contest Us The Album

Mantra – ‘Telling Scenes’ Track By Track

Following on from radio anthem Loudmouth, Melbourne rapper Mantra has dropped the emotionally heavy Break Tradition – the second single from his forthcoming album, Telling Scenes. Due for release in September, Telling Scenes is an album in the most creative sense: not just a collection of songs, but an experience that takes its listener on a journey. As one part of this journey, Break Tradition represents a side of Mantra very close to his heart. Using dexterous rhymes to unfold stark and literal narratives, Mantra delves into the cycle of violence that sees the endless chain of one person passing their abuse on … Continue reading Mantra – ‘Telling Scenes’ Track By Track

Mantra – Speaking Volumes

Mantra is fast becoming one of Australia’s most eminent hip hop artists. After setting a new bench mark with first solo effort Power Of The Spoken, the Melbourne emcee is back with an explosive new release entitled Speaking Volumes. Combining both musical proficiency and articulate character, Mantra has delivered a seamless, holistic album. Speaking Volumes exhibits the intricate philosophizing idiosyncrasy of Mantra’s rhymes. His vehement lyricism with its tapestry of subject matters is vividly transposed by its musical accompaniment for the album’s entirety.  Publicly, yet astutely labeled ‘your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper’, it was no surprise that an inundation of accomplished … Continue reading Mantra – Speaking Volumes

Mantra – Speaking Volumes

Obese Records’ latest family member has been blazing a name for himself since 2005. From his early work with the group Equills and local Melbourne outfit Illzilla (fronting the group on their debut EP and Wasteland full length), Mantra’s captivating flow and intelligent lyrical connections continue to elevate his status as one of Australia’s most talented MCs as touted by both artists and fans. Mantra gives us an exclusive sneak peek at Self-Destruct featuring Promoe, a track off his upcoming album Speaking Volumes, out September 9th. Shot by: Ginger Van Es for Macula Productions Edited by: Romy Handley for Macula Productions … Continue reading Mantra – Speaking Volumes