Dilated Peoples Director of Photography LP

Dilated Peoples returns with Directors Of Photography, the group’s remarkable debut album under the Expansion Team/Rhymesayers Entertainment banner. Evidence, Rakaa (Iriscience) and DJ Babu’s new collection demonstrates how the group has been able to remain loyal to its signature sound, style and sentiment while adding new and dramatic artistic wrinkles to its already-extensive musical repertoire. Tracklisting: 01: Intro 02: Directors 03: Cut My Teeth 04: Defari Interlude 05: The Dark Room feat. Vince Staples 06: Good As Gone 07: Show Me The Way feat. Aloe Blacc 08: Figure It Out (Melvin’s Theme) 09: Let Your Thoughts Fly Away 10: Century … Continue reading Dilated Peoples Director of Photography LP

aahh Radio Season 2 Episode 5 Atmosphere

Southsiders, was recorded in south Minneapolis and Oakland and is a shout-out to their native neighborhood. While it is a celebration of Atmosphere’s fortitude, it is also deeply introspective and “a very detailed look at my life,” says Slug. With Southsiders, the group’s unique sound featuring vibrant, live instrumentations and Slug’s often-weighty subject matter, continue to push the boundaries of what indie rap can mean. We catch up with Slug, as he hurtles through Northern America, in a tour van trying to avoid a crazy storm. He talks about touring Australia, the brand new album Southsiders, the recording process and … Continue reading aahh Radio Season 2 Episode 5 Atmosphere