Seth Sentry Announces New Album ‘Strange New Past’ New Single ‘Hell Boy’ Drops Sunday

Adored native hip hop hero Seth Sentry has announced his return to your speakers and headphones with news of a brand new album Strange New Past. Not content with that, Seth will be revealing the second official cut from the record Hell Boy this Sunday, May 3 with Richard Kingsmill on triple j’s 2015. Hear it from the man himself at Set for release on Friday, June 5 through High Score Records and distributed by Inertia, Strange New Past brings forth a Seth Sentry previously unheard. Stowing away his hoverboard, Seth now has more room to explore issues of … Continue reading Seth Sentry Announces New Album ‘Strange New Past’ New Single ‘Hell Boy’ Drops Sunday

Mr Clean – Hard Yak b/w Casket

Born from an Indonesian father and a white Australian mother, Sydney resident Mr. Clean aka Andrew Wiradilaga, has been doing his thing in the Sydney scene since the late 90’s. Finding his name with stable crew Ear Infection which consisted of Sleeping monk, APEX (R.I.P) & Az One. Around the beginning of local Hip Hop’s prominent rise to radio and othe forms of media, Mr Clean became a proud father to his 1st born son. Rap took a back seat, it wasn’t until 4 years later that a combination of elements brought him back to hunger. The rise of his friend and … Continue reading Mr Clean – Hard Yak b/w Casket

Funkoars – Where I Am

Tune into Richard Kingsmill’s ‘2011’ show from 6-9pm on Triple J this Sunday night to hear the premier of the Funkoars – Where I Am. They’re back! After going to ground 12 months ago, the Funkoars have resurfaced to deliver Where I Am the first single from their fourth LP The Quickening through Golden Era Records. Featuring filthy guitars, stomping drums and a bastard of a bass line, Where I Am brings back what’s been missing from Australian Hip-Hop – The Evil. Telling tales of parties past, Where I Am leaves the listener riding shotgun with the Funkoars as they tear … Continue reading Funkoars – Where I Am

Vote For JJJ Album Of The Year (aussie hip hop style)

Richard Kingsmill from Triple J will countdown the Top 10 albums of the year voted by you on the final ever ‘2009’ on December 13. He will also be going through his Top 10 album list and maybe contacting you to talk about the albums you’ve loved from this year. To vote all you have to do is submit you selection online via the website below. To make it easier for everyone out there we have narrowed the list down to as many  ‘aussie hip hop’  releases only. Please note Chasm and Vida Sunshyne’s release Move is incorrectly labeled as … Continue reading Vote For JJJ Album Of The Year (aussie hip hop style)