Hau ‘Sleep’ feat. Sarah Corry

Hau returns in 2016 with a follow up to his debut solo album ‘The No End Theory’; a new killer single, ‘Sleep’. Entirely written by Hau, brought to life by the stunning vocal performance of Sarah Corry (singer of Left) and produced by Miracle, this dancehall-inspired track is an instant ear worm. ‘Sleep’ shows even after 20 years in the game, Hau is in his best form; he continues to challenge and redefine how local Hip Hop can sound. Despite the title, don’t sleep on this one. Continue reading Hau ‘Sleep’ feat. Sarah Corry

Cover Of The Moment – Spit Syndicate – Starry Eyed single

Spit Syndicate are set to take Australia by storm next week when they drop their sophomore LP titled Exile. We have already had a quick sneak peek at the album and let us tell you, get excited. Not to give too much away, we’ve decided to award the ‘Cover Of The Moment’ to Spit Syndicates – Starry Eyed single cover (just wait till you see the LP). You may or may not have seen this one, but it features two tracks both produced by fellow One Dayer, Adit(Horroshow). The guys over at April77 Design never seem to fail to impress. … Continue reading Cover Of The Moment – Spit Syndicate – Starry Eyed single

Spit Syndicate – Exile May 14th (Starry-Eyed Download)

Leaving behind the hype and buzz of their ARIA-nominated debut, the long awaited second album from Sydney’s Spit Syndicate is the continuation of the duo’s growth as tastemakers in Australian hip-hop. After a hiatus dotted by real life, touring and overseas travel, Spit Syndicate return with Exile; a rich, progressive sophomore album replete with groove, substance, and the pair’s trademark sleek aesthetic. Inspired by the clarity of mind borne out of travel, the feeling of suffocation by one’s everyday surroundings and the displacement sometimes required to get right, Exile invites you to a world away from the mundane and uninspired. … Continue reading Spit Syndicate – Exile May 14th (Starry-Eyed Download)