Dialect Interview: The Vortex, Vinyl & Video Clips

aahh catches up with one of the hottest emcees in the country right now, emcee Dialect from Dialect & Despair. In the interview we talk all things Vortex related, digging, technology and how it affects our hip hop world plus much much more. Check it out. aahh: The Vortex has been out for a few months now and has been dubbed by many as one of the top albums of 2010, you’ve also toured and dropped two killer film clips. Can 2011 beat that? Dialect: We’ll have to wait and see! We are not out to rush anything we produce. … Continue reading Dialect Interview: The Vortex, Vinyl & Video Clips

V.High.P Jam X1 feat. Mata & Must [Sat Dec 11]

Victoria’s Mata & Must will launch their latest vinyl release at the next instalment of the infamous V.High.P Jam parties at The Sceptre. The hip hop duo have just released the Low Life’s Gospel EP and will be joined by Funk Movement (Social Change’s amazing live band format), as well as Prime from Pagen Elypsis and many more local hip hop outfits. Doors open at 9pm on Sat Dec 11. Entry is $10. Line-up: Mata & Must, Funk Movement, Prime, Taylor Made Tactix, Speekup, Matchless Gift & LKR, Funkwig & Snair and One Above. Continue reading V.High.P Jam X1 feat. Mata & Must [Sat Dec 11]

Kick, Kick, Snare Producer Battle Results

Last Thursday night saw the first Kick Kick Snare Producer Battle in Adelaide,some of the finest established and up and coming producers that Adelaide has to offer performed on the night. This was an excellent opportunity for those musical prophets to display their skills in a competitive environment and be recognised for their endless hours of effort in refining the classic art of Hip Hop production. Jay Bdeps posted the results and wrap up and here is what he had to say: Thanks for coming out in the masses on the evening, it was truly inspirational to see all the … Continue reading Kick, Kick, Snare Producer Battle Results