2015 Australian DMC DJ Championship Results

Here we have a full break down of all the results form the recent National DMC Championships. With finalists moving on from the State Championships to compete against the best of the best from around the nation. The order of performance was picked randomly, except for the top 3 placing from last year and the defending champ. As Midsole (2nd place 2014) did not compete, 4th place 2014 Wil K was given the preference to go on 3rd last. MC SLAP618 took the mic, laid out the rules and running order, then all competitors performed their 6 min sets.


Everyone did their best with no major technical issues. However the defending champ B.Two stopped half way due to an unknown problem, so the judges decided to give him a re-start and he did his routine second time round without any glitches.

The judges scores were then tallied while DJ I-Dee performed a half hour mixed visual and turntablist set and showed the audience why he is the world champ!

Next up was DJ J Red who performed his 10th Year World Championship Anniversary Set. Combining 10+ years of his video collection, he blew everyone away with a DVJ Set which included parts of his world championship winning routine and best of his collection mashed up into one mind-blowing masterpiece on the screen and on the decks!

Judges and Results:
The National Final Judges
I-Dee (2014 DMC Online World Champ)
J-Red (ITF World Champ)
Osyris (SA DMC Champ)
Mark N (NSW DMC Champ)
Nikk C (QLD DMC Champ)
Bonez (NSW ITF Champ)

The Finalists:
Skully (ACT)
Angry Buda (WA)
G Smooth (VIC)
Snair (SA)
Wii K (QLD)
Broke (NSW)
and defending champ B.Two (VIC)

DMC Australia will be following the DMC USA Format and will not list which judges placed which DJs as it can lead to long term grudges and bitterness within this small scene (this was also a request from judges). We do our best to be fair, listen to our competitors and hence the judge selection this year was based on previous year’s complaints that all judges are from VIC. We announced this to our competitors prior to the competition and diversified the panel so most states are represented and we made sure that they are all DMC Champs with over 10 years battle experience and are also renowned in the scene.

Competitors were judged on the following criteria: Technical Juggle, Technical Scratch, Creativity, Musicality, Crowd Response, and Execution. Each judge selected their top 3 and scores we’re tallied up with the following format: (1st place = 3 points. 2nd place = 2 points. 3rd place = 1 point)

Judge # 1
1st : Broke
2nd: B.Two
3rd: Snair

Judge # 2
1st: B.Two
2nd: Broke
3rd: Wil K

Judge # 3
1st: B.Two
2nd: Broke
3rd: Wil K

Judge # 4
1st: Broke
2nd: G Smooth
3rd: B.Two

Judge #5
1st: Broke
2nd: B.Two
3rd: G Smooth

Judge #6
1st: Broke
2nd: B.Two
3rd: G Smooth

Broke (3 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 16) – 16Pts
Btwo (2 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 13) – 13Pts
G smooth (2 + 1 + 1 = 4) – 4Pts
Wil K (1 + 1 = 2) – 2Pts
Snair (1 = 1) – 1Pt

The final results of the 2015 Australian DMC DJ Championships are as follows:
1st: Broke (NSW)
2nd: B.Two (VIC)
3rd: G Smooth (VIC)
4th: Wil K (QLD)
5th: Snair (SA)

Broke will now be travelling to London to represent Australia at the World DMC DJ Championships in London!

The results of the 2015 Australian DMC State Heats are :
VIC – 7th August @ The Laundry Bar
1st: G Smooth
2nd: Rellik
3rd: Lone Wolf
4th: Patty B

WA – 14th August @ Rocket Room
1st: Angry Buda
2nd: Defyre
3rd: Benny Chill
4th: Bace Kadet

QLD – 21st August @ Hot Gossip
1st: Wil K
2nd: Maxwell
3rd: Johnny Love

NSW – 27th August @ Play Bar
1st: Broke
2nd: Cost
3rd: DJ D

ACT – 28th August @ Transit Bar
1st : Skully
2nd : Chemi-Cal
3rd : LD Glove
4th : Sandman

SA – 4th September @ Sugar
1st: Snair
2nd: Dart
3rd: Dreaded

*Photos courtesy of The Dreaded Cat