Speekup The Lost City of Secrets

A fierce and passionate MC, Speekup has been working tirelessly at his craft for well over a decade. From unreleased demos to countless open mics and battle nights, Speekup has delivered his brand of lyricism straight up raw with a no-nonsense approach. Speekup has taken the time to develop his own unique and unconventional style yet he rhymes with substance in a way that pays respect to the architects that have come before him. Having spent years waiting in the wings receiving guidance from some of South Australia’s most recognised emcees, Speekup is now poised to take his music to … Continue reading Speekup The Lost City of Secrets

V.High.P Jam X1 feat. Mata & Must [Sat Dec 11]

Victoria’s Mata & Must will launch their latest vinyl release at the next instalment of the infamous V.High.P Jam parties at The Sceptre. The hip hop duo have just released the Low Life’s Gospel EP and will be joined by Funk Movement (Social Change’s amazing live band format), as well as Prime from Pagen Elypsis and many more local hip hop outfits. Doors open at 9pm on Sat Dec 11. Entry is $10. Line-up: Mata & Must, Funk Movement, Prime, Taylor Made Tactix, Speekup, Matchless Gift & LKR, Funkwig & Snair and One Above. Continue reading V.High.P Jam X1 feat. Mata & Must [Sat Dec 11]