Eloquor Invasion feat. Strike Won Official Video Clip

Official Video Clip & Free Audio Download Eloquor and Strike Won met back in 2006 at Caulfield Park Community School where Eloquor was Strike Won’s gym teacher. The two developed a tight bond with Strike Won re igniting Eloquor’s passion for writing hip hop lyrics. Invasion as the title suggests, was written to create awareness about the Invasion of Australia by the British Empire. Strike Won, being of Indigenous Tasmanian heritage was keen to join Eloquor and voice his feelings on a topic close to home over a heavy hitting 7’6 (Seven Six) beat. Eloquor was recently approached by young … Continue reading Eloquor Invasion feat. Strike Won Official Video Clip

Eloquor – From The Oceans Of Karana

One of the most catalytic hip hop releases to date comes in the form of Eloquor’s third LP From the Oceans of Karana. Following on from the release of his 2011 EP, Eloquor continues to explore his fascination with the human condition. From the Oceans of Karana is a spiritual encounter, which explores both the fundamentals and intricacies of life. The album is divided into three parts; Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. Each part is proceeded ceremoniously by a foreword from Ramesh, a Hindu mystic. The concept behind Eloquor’s themes is inspired by the three Hindu gods Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the … Continue reading Eloquor – From The Oceans Of Karana