Eloquor Invasion feat. Strike Won Official Video Clip

Official Video Clip & Free Audio Download

Eloquor and Strike Won met back in 2006 at Caulfield Park Community School where Eloquor was Strike Won’s gym teacher. The two developed a tight bond with Strike Won re igniting Eloquor’s passion for writing hip hop lyrics.

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Invasion as the title suggests, was written to create awareness about the Invasion of Australia by the British Empire. Strike Won, being of Indigenous Tasmanian heritage was keen to join Eloquor and voice his feelings on a topic close to home over a heavy hitting 7’6 (Seven Six) beat.

Eloquor was recently approached by young indigenous people at a local youth service asking if he could upload the song to youtube so they could play it to their family and friends. Instead of just uploading the track with an image Eloquor went a step further. He got together with his regular video clip director/producer Carl Allison to create a powerful video clip.

Eloquor  ||  Strike Won