Kogz Leaving feat. Kathleen McCormack

Leaving lends real weight to the album’s narrative, harnessed around a sinister beat courtesy of Mat Rafle We revisit the latest album from Western Australian emcee Kogz. Leaving is a serious track which finds Kogz telling dark stories of a personal woe accompanied by the serene vocals of Kathleen McCormack who finds the calm between an exchange of brunt verses. While he knows very well to let the wax talk, it’s become Kogz’ style to etch his raps all through a beat carving his name deep into the local hip hop scene. The Perth emcee first came to note after entering … Continue reading Kogz Leaving feat. Kathleen McCormack

A Life In The Night Of Hunter

“Robert Hunter, a pioneer in the Aussie Hip Hop scene, was known and respected in the community as an avid vinyl collector, Syllabolix (SBX) Crew member, supporter of emerging talent, father and digital communicator. Through a collection of writings, recordings and images take a peek inside Hunter’s world, from the early days of a fledgling Aussie Hip Hop scene to his public battle with terminal cancer. A collaborative, community curated project featuring archival footage of Hunter and the SBX crew, including never released videos created by Hunter. Robert Hunter passed away on 20th October 2011 and was inducted into the … Continue reading A Life In The Night Of Hunter

Mr. Grevis – So Beautiful feat. Joyride & Ness (Prod. Dazastah)

Most recent Syllabolix inductee Mr. Grevis presents So Beautiful, the first single to come from his upcoming sophomore album. Featuring Sydney’s master crooner Joyride, along with WA based newcomer Ness, the track’s infectiously uplifting hook floats over an electronic pulse.  Produced by Dazastah, So Beautiful is set apart by its disco strings and heavy synth lines. An ode to newfound positivity, Grevis raps on his perception of the world now that he is happy within himself. “I used to live a negative lifestyle, then I made some major changes and finally started pursuing music and working hard. Good things have happened in return. Life … Continue reading Mr. Grevis – So Beautiful feat. Joyride & Ness (Prod. Dazastah)