Kogz Leaving feat. Kathleen McCormack

Leaving lends real weight to the album’s narrative, harnessed around a sinister beat courtesy of Mat Rafle

We revisit the latest album from Western Australian emcee Kogz. Leaving is a serious track which finds Kogz telling dark stories of a personal woe accompanied by the serene vocals of Kathleen McCormack who finds the calm between an exchange of brunt verses. While he knows very well to let the wax talk, it’s become Kogz’ style to etch his raps all through a beat carving his name deep into the local hip hop scene.


The Perth emcee first came to note after entering a competition organised by Western Australia’s Syllabolix (SBX) member Mr. Grevis for ‘up and coming’ rappers where upon Kogz was awarded a week’s worth of studio time with Shake Down Studio producer Rob Shaker. Ever since, Kogz has been playing chicken with a truckload of Sylla-beats and winning.

The results of Kogz’ alignment with Shake Down Studios have culminated in his debut album project Piece Of Mind (2014) with a major slice of production headlined by Rob Shaker and additional beatsmiths Matt Rafle, Soma and Creed Birch. Kogz slayed each beat on the LP alongside several guest collaborators such as SBX’s own Mr. Grevis and Bitter Belief.

As one of the four artists that makes up recording group SMOG alongside producers Rob Shaker and Rafle and fellow emcee Mouf. Kogz was taught a lot of tricks to the trade from these veteran rappers from which he used as inspiration leading into his latest LP. Having dropped mid way through 2016, Leaving was lifted from the LP Trash Talk (Music For Mud Crabs).