Mr Grevis Returns After 4 Long Years With His New Album ‘Game Over’

We give you Mr. Grevis, otherwise known as Perth’s Gary McPhee. Originating from the forever energising Western Australian music scene, Grevis at an early age had started writing poetry as a teen needing an outlet/coping mechanism to deal with the … Continue reading Mr Grevis Returns After 4 Long Years With His New Album ‘Game Over’

Mr Grevis I Am Meth Official Video

Mr Grevis opens up with the brutally honest song ‘I Am Meth’ brings to light the issues everyday Australians face with the ice epidemic We be catching up on those Shake Down Records release’s with the latest form Mr Grevis, I Am Meth. Taken from past life experiences and stories, Grevis says most people have known someone who has been affected by this terrible drug and things should change. Mr. Grevis, WA’s most affable emcee and most recent inductee into the almighty Sylabollix crew returns after his second album My Escape and the popular debut release The Sampler. Already receiving … Continue reading Mr Grevis I Am Meth Official Video

Kogz Leaving feat. Kathleen McCormack

Leaving lends real weight to the album’s narrative, harnessed around a sinister beat courtesy of Mat Rafle We revisit the latest album from Western Australian emcee Kogz. Leaving is a serious track which finds Kogz telling dark stories of a personal woe accompanied by the serene vocals of Kathleen McCormack who finds the calm between an exchange of brunt verses. While he knows very well to let the wax talk, it’s become Kogz’ style to etch his raps all through a beat carving his name deep into the local hip hop scene. The Perth emcee first came to note after entering … Continue reading Kogz Leaving feat. Kathleen McCormack

Street Life Descendants – Street Life Revolution Vol. 1

Due to the time difference over in WA, it a took a moment for this one to make it’s way over. Street Life Descendants is a newly formed hip hop collective, comprising some of Australia’s most prolific and controversial underground artists. These artists have come together as a group, and after only a few performances are already being heralded as the new ‘supergroup’ to come out of Perth. With years of experience, support spots for the biggest artists in hip hop/R’n’B and numerous releases on their respective resumes, SLD is a strong team with well established roots and ambitions to … Continue reading Street Life Descendants – Street Life Revolution Vol. 1

Kogz Had Enough feat. Sever & Rob Shaker

Kogz, one of Perth’s younger emcee’s to emerge recently, has been working on his debut project for the good part of a year now. After entering a competition for ‘up and coming’ rappers organised by SBX member Mr. Grevis, Kogz won a weeks worth of studio time with Rob Shaker. The opportunity allowed Kogz to adapt his idea for a project from mixtape to full LP. Supporting Grevis a couple of times, the young emcee caught the attention of a few local stalwarts of the Perth scene. Guest verses and collaborators on the album include Mr. Grevis, Bitter Belief, Complete, … Continue reading Kogz Had Enough feat. Sever & Rob Shaker

aahh Radio – Episode 4 – Mr Grevis

In episode 3 of aahh Radio we chat to Mr Grevis, who has just released his sophomore LP titled My Escape, featuring production from Dazastah, Cam Bluff and Rob Shaker. The album features the Funkoars crew, Joyride, Drapht and a heap more.  In Episode 4, we discuss the brand new album My Escape. Mr Grevis’ induction into the legendary SBX Crew, The Robert Hunter Cup, Mr Grevis’ new positive outlook on life, his work with the Funkoars and a whole heap more.  Expect a whole heap of dope guests and features in the upcoming episodes of aahh Radio. If you would like to feature in … Continue reading aahh Radio – Episode 4 – Mr Grevis