Street Life Descendants – Street Life Revolution Vol. 1

Due to the time difference over in WA, it a took a moment for this one to make it’s way over. Street Life Descendants is a newly formed hip hop collective, comprising some of Australia’s most prolific and controversial underground artists.


These artists have come together as a group, and after only a few performances are already being heralded as the new ‘supergroup’ to come out of Perth. With years of experience, support spots for the biggest artists in hip hop/R’n’B and numerous releases on their respective resumes, SLD is a strong team with well established roots and ambitions to change the game as it stands today.

Street LIFE Revolution Volume 1 has been out for a moment now. You can pick up this massive release now which features Bitter Belief, Mr Grevis, Cortex, Dista, Xzakt, Chile Chillz, Dynasty, Beside, B.J.A.H, Dribbles, Verdikt, Dex, Relevance, Dista, Big Moggo, MX Axis, Ness, D-Loc, Complete and we think that’s about it.. Street Life Revolution Volume 2 is coming soon. SLRV1 was mixed and mastered by Cross Eyed Productions.

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