Mr. Grevis – My Escape

WA’s most affable emcee and most recent inductee into the almighty Sylabollix crew – Mr. Grevis returns with his second album My Escape after the popularity of his debut release The Sampler in 2012.


Combining his supreme knack for story-telling with structurally savvy song writing, Grevis has teamed up with fellow SBX cohort Dazastah for the bulk of the album’s production, with additional beats Cam Bluff and Rob Shaker. Tinged with new-age sounds and live instrumentation to match the array of subjects explored, My Escape reflects the times through Mr Grevis‘ eyes both sonically and lyrically.

With plenty of guest spots from Grevis’ expansive network of industry friends, My Escape features verses from Drapht, Layla, Dazastah, K21, Hons, Sesta, Trials, Apathy, Mortar, Complete, and Optamus, as well as vocal embellishment from Joyride, Ness and Drapht. My Escape is due September 13.

Track listing:
Living the Dream
Curse of the Kennedys ft. Drapht
Still High ft. Dazastah
Sex With a Demon ft. Trials
Wake Up and Do It Again ft. Hons
The Apology Song ft. Drapht
Dazastah Strikes ft. Apathy & K21
Schizo ft. Layla, Sesta & Mortar
Yin and the Yang
We Need Order
Corporate Wheel ft. Optamus
F#@K Tonight
Give Lance a Break ft. Complete
What Happens When You’re Dead?
The Traffic Courtesy Song
So Beautiful ft. Joyride & Ness

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