Mr Grevis Returns After 4 Long Years With His New Album ‘Game Over’

We give you Mr. Grevis, otherwise known as Perth’s Gary McPhee. Originating from the forever energising Western Australian music scene, Grevis at an early age had started writing poetry as a teen needing an outlet/coping mechanism to deal with the angst, and at times forcefulness, of Perth’s Northern suburbs in the 1990’s.

Having Drapht as a childhood friend, Grevis found himself in the thick of the rapidly growing Hip Hop scene as a part of the highly respected Syllabolix Crew, consisting of the likes of Downsyde, Drapht, Layla, Bitter Belief and many more.

With an eagerness to be heard, Grevis released his first solo recording ‘The Sampler’ in 2012, quickly followed by his sophomore album ‘My Escape’ in 2013, which debuted at number 50 on the ARIA chart and featured the likes of Drapht, Joyride and production by two of Australia’s most sort after beat makers Trials (Funkoars/A.B. Originals) and Dazastah (Drapht/Downsyde).


With a few drinks and time passing us by between now and then, we are in 2017 and given ’Game Over’, Mr. Grevis’ third and most astute studio album to date…and already finding its way into the top 5 on the iTunes Hip Hop Album Charts

Again teaming up with Perth heavyweight Drapht, who overlooked and was found on tracking duties for the entirety of the albums recording process, that is peppered with a wealth of live instrumentation, big drums and production from two of the best in the game – ARIA award winning producers Trials and Cam Bluff.

Game over is a massive leap forward for Grevis at his own admission “writing this has been my therapy” and its evident with this release in what appears to be his most introspective and honest body of work to date.

The subject matter and narrative heard on ‘Game Over’ are those extremely close to his heart, ranging from his own marriage breakdown in ‘Let it Burn’ (featuring Rahjconkas), to the suicide of a close friend in ‘Yesterday’ that features the eccentrically soulful voice of young Perth talent Alex Whiteman.

A formative body of work and clear growth in Grevis’. ‘Game Over’ Is Out Now Available On Spotify