Mr Grevis – The Apology Song feat. Drapht

Mr. Grevis returns with the second single The Apology Song featuring fellow Sylabollix member Drapht, from upcoming album My Escape (out September 13th). An honest and personal track, The Apology Song, as its title suggests, is a gesture of redemption to a past sweetheart.

Mr Grevis The Apology Song feat. Drapht

Some time ago, Grevis made a few bad decisions which lead to serious consequences, his then fiancé, who had already endured infidelities on his part in the past, broke off the engagement. Her decision was at first rejected by a scornful Grevis, but as he came to choose a more dignified path of life, he began to feel guilt and sorrow.

Now the two do not speak, both have moved on in life and in love. But Mr. Grevis has not forgotten the part he played, so this is The Apology Song. Dazastah on production created the stripped back acoustic loop from a riff Grevis had hummed him, which sets a melancholy, exposed stage for the hook and raps. Drapht, a man of many talents, sings on the mournful chorus to spine-tingling effect.

“The song’s about an ex I was engaged too who left me when I was in prison. I was pretty rude to her after it all happened and made her feel pretty bad, when really I didn’t deserve her in the first place. Now we never speak and this is just my way of making her feel better about herself, because she never felt good enough and this is my way of saying sorry and making her proud of my lifestyle changes at the same time.” – Mr. Grevis

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