Kogz Leaving feat. Kathleen McCormack

Leaving lends real weight to the album’s narrative, harnessed around a sinister beat courtesy of Mat Rafle We revisit the latest album from Western Australian emcee Kogz. Leaving is a serious track which finds Kogz telling dark stories of a personal woe accompanied by the serene vocals of Kathleen McCormack who finds the calm between an exchange of brunt verses. While he knows very well to let the wax talk, it’s become Kogz’ style to etch his raps all through a beat carving his name deep into the local hip hop scene. The Perth emcee first came to note after entering … Continue reading Kogz Leaving feat. Kathleen McCormack

Kogz Had Enough feat. Sever & Rob Shaker

Kogz, one of Perth’s younger emcee’s to emerge recently, has been working on his debut project for the good part of a year now. After entering a competition for ‘up and coming’ rappers organised by SBX member Mr. Grevis, Kogz won a weeks worth of studio time with Rob Shaker. The opportunity allowed Kogz to adapt his idea for a project from mixtape to full LP. Supporting Grevis a couple of times, the young emcee caught the attention of a few local stalwarts of the Perth scene. Guest verses and collaborators on the album include Mr. Grevis, Bitter Belief, Complete, … Continue reading Kogz Had Enough feat. Sever & Rob Shaker

Kadyelle – The Theory Of Everything

Touted as being one of the most skillful females in the scene right now after her solid debut release Earthworthy in 2010 and The One Nighter mixtape in 2011. Kadyelle has supported and toured with such acts as Sage Francis, Ozi Batla, M-Phazes, Phrase, Illy, Spit Syndicate, The Tongue, Class A, Optamus, Muph & Plutonic, Seth Sentry plus many more.  Her newest LP The Theory of Everything features Ozi Batla, Thorts, Optamus, Dazastah, Hunter, Porsah Laine, Rachael Berry, Soma, Miss Karleena, Miss.She.ill, Rob Shaker and production from Rahjconkas, The Digital Assassin, Admin Beats and Ren Riz. The Theory of Everything is available now for a ‘name … Continue reading Kadyelle – The Theory Of Everything

Kadyelle – Puppet Strings

Puppet Strings is the first single from Kadyelle’s new studio album, The Theory of Everything due for release in 2012. The track features SBX legends Dazastah, Optamus (of Downsyde),  Hunter & Porsah Laine, along with Perth’s beloved Soma and freshly WA-settled  veteran rapper from VIC, Thorts. The two-part single reps production from The Digital Assassin (formerly of Blades) and Rahjconkas.Vocals and ‘Rahjconkas Mix‘ beat mixed by Aetcix. Touted as being one of the most skillful females in the scene right now, after her solid debut release Earthworthy hit shelves in April 2010 (and later as a free download on Bandcamp). Kadyelle … Continue reading Kadyelle – Puppet Strings

Tyme – The Screen EP [8 Track Free Download]

Tyme endeavours to tell stories in new forms, with intriguing insight and off-beat ideas crafted from an often obscure, yet brilliantly strange take on life and all its intricacies. An ability to pen these thoughts in a unique way over his own handcrafted music has resulted in an organic, contemplative and thought-provoking product in his first release, The Screen EP. Tyme has followed his own path in music, one rich in a love and admiration for the syncopation within jazz music, the grit of golden age boom bap and the experimentation of electronica. Seeking to incorporate his passion for saxophone … Continue reading Tyme – The Screen EP [8 Track Free Download]