Tyme – The Screen EP [8 Track Free Download]

Tyme endeavours to tell stories in new forms, with intriguing insight and off-beat ideas crafted from an often obscure, yet brilliantly strange take on life and all its intricacies. An ability to pen these thoughts in a unique way over his own handcrafted music has resulted in an organic, contemplative and thought-provoking product in his first release, The Screen EP.
Tyme has followed his own path in music, one rich in a love and admiration for the syncopation within jazz music, the grit of golden age boom bap and the experimentation of electronica. Seeking to incorporate his passion for saxophone with his love for the rawness of MPC-based production, Tyme has managed to produce hip-hop music which mirrors the obscurity and individuality of his ideas and concepts.

Hypnotic basslines, warm woodwinds and intricate sampling lay the canvas on which Tyme paints insightful perspectives with technical lyricism and profound musicality. Tyme, both an emcee and producer, has spent the last six months perfecting these eight tracks which form The Screen EP, a perceptive look at life and the dystopian state of the future world, told through self exposing lyrics and stories.
The first single Soma, describes an all-purpose drug that can instantly transport you to anywhere within your mind to escape the complexity and stress of the real world. To help cope with the pressures of life, “Three grams you need to leave plans indeed and come back next week”. Mesmerizing vocal lines by Gabriella Moxey are wrapped in a rich combination of sampled piano and live saxophone to create a dreamy atmosphere that will help anyone escape on a 4-minute holiday.

The second track from the release, Leah is the story of a girl living in a cold futuristic society that trains the youth to spy on their parents. Haunting vocal samples and sparse production allow the tragic story to unfold in a very intimate environment, inviting the listener to delve deep into Leah’s brave new world.
Revealing insights on regret and death are shared on the introspective track In The Ground. Tyme’s thoughts on the impact his leaving would have on those close to him contrasts with an eerily remorseful and heartfelt verse by emcee Hollins, reaching the conclusion that “Contentment in your death is life’s finest achievement”. The reflective verses intertwine with a moving and emotive woodwind line leaving the listener deep in thought, contemplating life and death.

The production on The Screen EP reflects Tyme’s approach to making music, using both sampling and live instrumentation as the tools to further enhance the underlying message and vision for his songs. Through writing, producing, recording and mixing the EP Tyme has been able to pay close attention to every detail and has crafted it into the release he first envisioned when embarking on this project. The debut release from Tyme, portrays the Orwellian state that the world is unknowingly falling into. His verses warn us and challenge us to challenge the screen by provoking thought in our minds.
Using a refreshing and organic blend of hip-hop, jazz, blues and electronica, Tyme creates unique music, transcending a single genre and merging elements of all of his musical inspirations into this thought provoking statement of our times.

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