FRE$HEEP – Antidepressants

For the past 16 years, DJ Sheep has been recognised worldwide as a DJ, turntablist, 3-time DMC DJ Champion, hip-hop journalist and record dealer. Having dabbled in beat-making in the past, it’s been over 10 years since he touched the MPC to make a beat, preferring to supply samples and records to producers around the world such as Jake One, Paul Nice, Edan, Southpaw Chop, DJ Shadow, DJ Babu, Cut Chemist, Buckwild (D.I.T.C.), Egon (Stones Throw), DJ Revolution and many others. Reaching a very dark moment in his life, DJ Sheep decided to focus his efforts and energy into his … Continue reading FRE$HEEP – Antidepressants

Matty Fresh – The Ginza Crime Library Bio

For Australia’s Matty Fresh it all began around the age of 9. Like most kids of his generation, he was curious about his mother’s record collection, delving into the sounds of the 70s and 80s. His early taste for music would later ensure an instant love of Hip Hop shaped by artists like Public Enemy, Del, Ice T, The Native Tongues and N.W.A.. Alongside his other great passion for skating, these would create the foundation of what is his debut instrumental album The Ginza Crime Library. In the early 90s, Matty noticed the music featured in skating videos; artists such … Continue reading Matty Fresh – The Ginza Crime Library Bio

Crate Creeps – Its About That Time Sampler – July 9th

Crate Creeps – Its About That Time out through Born Fresh Records July 9th featuring: Suffa MC (Hilltop Hoods), Trials (The Funkoars), Pure Product, Mantra, Tommy Illfigga, DJ Adfu, Rhyme Asylum (UK), Mata n Must, The Optimen, Kings Koneted, Rezadent, Verbal Kent (Chicago), Terntable Jediz, Thundamentals, Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Robby Balboa & Haunts (Choose Mics), Clinic & Proclaim (The Archetypes), Pie Emc3e, Adverse, Ill-legitamate Crew (Canada), Yuin Huzami (The Coalition Crew) & Rainman. BAM! Continue reading Crate Creeps – Its About That Time Sampler – July 9th