FRE$HEEP – Antidepressants

For the past 16 years, DJ Sheep has been recognised worldwide as a DJ, turntablist, 3-time DMC DJ Champion, hip-hop journalist and record dealer. Having dabbled in beat-making in the past, it’s been over 10 years since he touched the MPC to make a beat, preferring to supply samples and records to producers around the world such as Jake One, Paul Nice, Edan, Southpaw Chop, DJ Shadow, DJ Babu, Cut Chemist, Buckwild (D.I.T.C.), Egon (Stones Throw), DJ Revolution and many others.


Reaching a very dark moment in his life, DJ Sheep decided to focus his efforts and energy into his first release collaborating with long-time friend, Matty Fresh (The Ginza Crime Library) forming the production crew FRE$HEEP. Their debut album Antidepressants features 14 tracks, sourcing some of the dustiest soul records and drum breaks in DJ Sheep’s extensive, world recognised record collection, known as the Bulletproof Crates.

The album was made in a marathon 8 sessions over 8 days, using a total of 14 x 45s and 14 x LPs. This time frame was a huge effort for DJ Sheep, who hasn’t touched the MPC in over 10 years. FRE$HEEP followed their hip-hop sensibilities and made a throwback album to the past with hard drums whilst combining dark and moody soul as blueprint for the album’s trademark sound. The album features some original samples used on the project as well as interludes, bringing a mixtape feel to the project. It’s more of a listening album from start to finish, rather than a CD of just instrumentals.

The album features some guests of the highest calibre including Roc Marciano, J-Zone – who makes his debut appearance as a live drummer, Terntable Jediz (R.I.P.) and Chief Chinchilla. The album also features shout-outs from some of DJ Sheep’s personal friends in the industry who he’s collaborated with over the years: Biz Markie, Lord Finesse (D.I.T.C.), Grandwizard Theodore (The inventor of the Scratch / Zulu Nation), Trem (Lyrical Commission), Necro, Animoss (Arch Druids), Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks), Vanderslice and a special introduction to the album from Chief Chinchilla & J-Zone (Old Maid Billionaires).

This album has a very deep meaning and the music was made to help those who deal with depression and uplift their spirits and also bring back the sound of the 90’s that’s missing with hip-hop today. The drum breaks are loud in the mix, and the samples are dusty and crackly. This album will appeal to diggers, music fans, soul lovers and people that love the Boom Bap sound. It will appeal to fans of Pete Rock, Dilla, The RZA, Mobb Deep and Large Professor, and artists with a similar sound.

The front and back cover artwork was hand made by one of the most respected graffiti artists in Australia: MALIS (750 Rebels), making his debut for a full album cover.

FRE$HEEP have described the sound on this album as boom bap soul. They hope you enjoy this album as much as they enjoyed making it. It’s music for the soul that’s hard-hitting and accessible to not just hip-hop fans, but lovers of good music. This release has currently sold out in all formats, CD and 7″. Although, you may be able to pick up a copy here and a few other places if you do the diggin’.

1. Champix Dreams, Codeine Thoughts feat. J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla
2. Good Morning Depression
3. Where You Been?
4. Wake Up, Don’t Cry
5. People Talkin’ feat. Terntable Jediz (R.I.P.)
6. Feel So Blue
7. Trying Hard, Dodging Stones
8. Does it Matter?
9. No Words to Say
10. Sailing High on Valium ft. J-Zone live on drums
11. Just Let Me Be feat. Roc Marciano
12. She’s Gone, Must Go On
13. Tears for Mum
14. I’ll Show You

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