allaussie hip hop’s monthly cook up with: Sammsonite (The Optimen)

It’s been some time between drinks now since Brisbane’s best, The Optimen have performed a headlining show for their fans, but even with the AA meetings and late night phone calls to their sponsors they just can’t control their thirst any longer. For this reason, and also to bring their blistering new album The Out Of Money Experience to the live stage, The OPees are back in the lab and planning their launch for Friday, May 28 at the new home of hip-hop in Brisbane – The Step Inn. Not leaving anything to chance, they have joined forces with fellow … Continue reading allaussie hip hop’s monthly cook up with: Sammsonite (The Optimen)

The Optimen – 80’s Babies

Though the title might sound like a desperate plea for help in these trying times of economic uncertainty or, more predictably, the old as the ages cliché of the starving artist, The Out Of Money Experience is really anything but. This much-anticipated sophomore album by The Optimen (The OPees to their friends – and they can take all the friends they can get) is the result of work: hard work. The sort of work that keeps you up late at night and makes you late for the next day’s “working for the man”. And it shows. The three original members … Continue reading The Optimen – 80’s Babies