The Tongue – Sextape Tour kicks off

When it comes to hip hop there isn’t much The Tongue hasn’t done; an MC Battle champion; an accomplished touring artist and songwriter with two albums; three mixtapes and an EP under his belt.. all before he turned 26. Having toured with the likes of Public Enemy, Dizzie Rascal, Drapht and The Herd, The Tongue connected with the masses via radio hits such as The Punch, Bad Education, The Show and Real Thing. His second album Alternative Energy was feature album on both FBi and 2SER, as well asAlbum of the Week at Drum Media and The Brag. His latest release The Sextape will be a free mixtape available for download September 12th, 2011.    Under the guiding hand of Sydney’s … Continue reading The Tongue – Sextape Tour kicks off

Ask…The Tongue

With the recent release of his free download the Sextape, Elefant Traks member the Tongue has been swamped with a host of emails and facebook messages asking for advice on all facets of relationships and sexuality. In an effort to respond to all his fans, The Tongue has sent aahh a copy of some of the more popular and not so popular questions, we present to you Ask…The Tongue. Long term relationships – worth the effort or overrated? The Tongue: The best thing in the world is being in love with someone great. Sex is awesome but love is more powerful … Continue reading Ask…The Tongue