Ask…The Tongue

With the recent release of his free download the Sextape, Elefant Traks member the Tongue has been swamped with a host of emails and facebook messages asking for advice on all facets of relationships and sexuality. In an effort to respond to all his fans, The Tongue has sent aahh a copy of some of the more popular and not so popular questions, we present to you Ask…The Tongue.

Long term relationships – worth the effort or overrated?
The Tongue: The best thing in the world is being in love with someone great. Sex is awesome but love is more powerful and deeply satisfying. So I would say ‘worth the effort’… long as the person you are trying to be with really special….and the good times outnumber the arguments. If you disagree listen to my song “Sucka For Love”…it’s on The Sextape and covers this subject in detail

Is internet porn good for a healthy relationship? 
The Tongue: There’s a line from the mixtape about this ‘brain-washed by porn only dirty mind’s interest me’. I think porn is helpful as long as its realistic. But if you can only get off on gang-bang porn, then a regular sex-life might seem a bit boring. Personally I just like seeing two (ok, sometimes three) people really enjoying sex…no other types of porn really interest me…guess I’m kind of old-school like that… 

Ass or titties?
The Tongue: Ass.

Is there anything you can do to change or increase your sex drive?
The Tongue: Be healthy….and make sure you are really into your partner. If they turn you on mentally and physically, sex drive shouldn’t be a problem. 

Whats the best/wost sexual experience you’ve ever had?
The Tongue: Best– a few years of making love to my girlfriend. We learned how to push each others buttons perfectly….(although sadly the relationship is now over). Worst– Too much to drink at a party, met a girl and had a one-night stand, stupidly didn’t use a condom, very awkward “please don’t have my child” conversation the next day. Thankfully it was a false alarm. Phew!

What causes sexual dysfunction in women?
The Tongue: Women are taught by the media to hate themselves…they are taught that there is something wrong with them (too fat, too skinny, too short, wrong hair color, wrong dress etc). You can’t be sexually confident if you don’t believe in yourself. Ladies, if you are reading this…stay away from all the ‘beauty magazines’ they pitch at you…they are praying on your doubts and insecurities…be free! Be confident! Be you! 

Whats you signature move in bed?
The Tongue: “She called him ‘The Tongue’ because he swirled it like commas”- from White Sugar (feat. Bias B) on The Sextape

Can too much masturbation hurt your sex life?
The Tongue: As long as you are still having sex….masturbate all you want.

My penis is curved. Is that normal?
The Tongue: To quote Michael Franti from Spearhead “all the freaky people make the beauty of the world”. Who knows…maybe your perfect girl has a curved vagina…

Is it necessary to take “safe sex” precautions when you are having sex with just one partner — or with someone you know well?
The Tongue: YES! Having a kid is a life-long commitment, until you are ready for that commitment, STRAP IT UP! As for STD’s…they are very common nowdays so if you are out there having sex with lots of different partners you will come into contact with something sooner or later. With that said, I think a lot of people overact to STDs….there is a lot of needless stigma. Most of them can be cured easily or are so minor/common they are hardly worth worrying about…except AIDS of course…that would be no picnic…

The Sextape features Seven, Nick Lupi, Toe-Fu, Ellesquire, Bias B & Omar Musa.

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