Ngaiire – Around

Anticipation for Ngaiire’s debut LP Lamentations is rapidly building in the wake of first single Dirty Hercules, the fierce song that propelled the diminutive Sydney-via-Papua New Guinea artist around the nation during March and April. Now, the formidable creative force – and face of future soul in Australia – is proud to announce the release of second single Around – a piece of music that once again represents Ngaiire’s unique diversity, taste and extraordinary talent. Around muses upon the appeal of having someone fight for you, delving into the relentless push and pull of relationships when one shoulders more than the other. It deconstructs love … Continue reading Ngaiire – Around

Ngaiire – Dirty Hercules feat. Nai Palm

Dirty Hercules is the fierce new single from Sydney based future-folk/soul artist Ngaiire (pron. Nighree). The lead offering from her highly anticipated debut album Lamentations (due out June 2013) — an album partly written in an obscure little drinking bar in the suburban outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. Dirty Hercules is a commanding entry into the music world; Ngaiire’s peculiar vocal arrangements and rare sense of soul, reminiscent of vocal greats gone by, setting her well apart from other singers. The song speaks of the vast aberrations of the darkness, the sex, the lies, the money, the drugs that detract from the reality … Continue reading Ngaiire – Dirty Hercules feat. Nai Palm