Horrorshow – King Amongst Many Tour

It’s been a four year wait but Horrorshow are back with new album King Amongst Many, set for release August 2nd. The Sydney inner-west duo will also embark on an extensive tour across the country kicking off in mid-September. Their new single Unfair Lottery has already been praised by fans and critics alike. They launched Unfair Lottery to a raucous reception at both their Sydney and Melbourne shows which sold out in under a week. Passionate underage fans clamoured to the venues windows to catch the over 18s show. It was clearly apparent how thrilled people were to see this duo back … Continue reading Horrorshow – King Amongst Many Tour

Horrorshow – ‘Unfair Lottery’ Video

Horrorshow’s new single Unfair Lottery has swept waves of joy across eager fans, ever hungry for new material from the highly talented Horrorshow duo. The accompanying video premiered on Channel [V]’s WTF program recently. It was crafted by boutique production house Unity Sound & Visual whose credits include videos for the likes of Hilltop Hoods and Funkoars. Horrorshow’s Unfair Lottery launches in Sydney and Melbourne sold out in under a week, before a single poster hit the street, a testament to the bubbling excitement for Horrorshow’s return to the live scene. The Sydney inner-west duo will release their highly anticipated third album … Continue reading Horrorshow – ‘Unfair Lottery’ Video

Horrorshow – Unfair Lottery

You could forgive Horrorshow the temptation to return as if in triumph with their new single Unfair Lottery. Their consistent outshining of expectations to date suggests something special in the chemistry between lyricist Solo and producer Adit.  Where others may be swept up in delusions of grandeur, Horrorshow dig deeper into our collective psyche, looking for pre-polished signs of life. Unfair Lottery finds them with a renewed sense of purpose, crafting a thoughtful song tackling the idea of privilege—a theme often overlooked in local hip hop culture. This is not a song of guilt, it’s a refreshingly honest play on being “male, middle class … Continue reading Horrorshow – Unfair Lottery