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Dailectrix – Rapper Tag #44

Rapper Tag continues to grown and build on early momentum with the latest tag from Melbourne emcee Dialectrix. Dialectrix drops Rapper Tag #44 with a crazy split screen video featuring DJ 2Buck on the decks with Versus Media behind the camera. Check out our most recent interview with Dialectrix regarding his Audio Projectile release from earlier in the year.  The […]

Obese Records

Dialectrix – Audio Projectile Trailer

The trailer for the new Dialectrix album, Audio Projectile – Out September 17 via Obese Records. Album written by Dialectrix, 2Buck
Produced by Plutonic Lab. Trailer created by Versus Media. The unique synergy created between artists was a defining character in the creativity and success of hip hop during the 1990s. Hip hop crews were bound together by their ideas in the moment […]