Tommy Illfigga – Walk a Mile (August 12)

From Brisbane’s urban jungle comes Tommy Illfigga with a sure-fire ripper of an album entitled Walk a Mile. Tommy Illfigga is a pure-blood hip hop native. Since ‘99 the wily emcee has been skulking the scene in many capacities, earning many accolades to his names (plural), together Tommy Illfigga and his alter ego Tom Thumb are taking the world by storm. Tommy’s aptitude is apparent not only through his exceptional word-harnessing abilities, but also in his proficiency as a respected producer, B-boy, graff writer and Beat Boxer.  His first release The Unfiltered EP hit shelves in 2007, stirring the scene with … Continue reading Tommy Illfigga – Walk a Mile (August 12)

New Joint By Tommy Illfigga

This is the first of many mixtape joints over jacked beats that Tommy Illfigga is releasing in the lead up to his debut album release in mid August.Tommy’s album Walk a Mile is dropping August 15th – Let your mothers know about this heat! Lyrics I spit in cyphers and I’m known to rock My rap songs are so smoking hot they could catch on to frozen blocks n liquid nitrogen The flow I drop is that strong you listen twice n its like a Tyson hit ya Slippin vicoden n dozing off I’m Wind atop a cliff if ya … Continue reading New Joint By Tommy Illfigga