New Joint By Tommy Illfigga

This is the first of many mixtape joints over jacked beats that Tommy Illfigga is releasing in the lead up to his debut album release in mid August.Tommy’s album Walk a Mile is dropping August 15th – Let your mothers know about this heat!

I spit in cyphers and I’m known to rock
My rap songs are so smoking hot they could catch on to frozen blocks n liquid nitrogen
The flow I drop is that strong you listen twice n its like a Tyson hit ya
Slippin vicoden n dozing off
I’m Wind atop a cliff if ya slippin my drift’ll throw you off
off the precipice until your restin just below the wash
the lesson I guess is look below the surface
trying to catch a shark my hooks sharper than your verses
rewind it back to start so you can scrutinize complexity of text that he can
use in lines to prove that I am next to be
shining in the rough tough as diamond I’m dropping gems
ya canary droppin yall miners (minors) wanna watch the men
I’m tough as nails I’m poundin em I’m driven deep
You lot are tough as nails with calcium deficiency
Yer I’m droppin lines but I’m fishin in a vicious seas
A lot of little hits but nothing fit for me to dish a feed

The lyricist is I
Fuck the little fish bigger fish to fry when I deliver this
bigger disc bigger plan
bigger fish bigger pan bit of this I wanna spit for the fans

So as I tackle books I’m expanding my contacts till
write the gaffer hooks that’ll land me a contract
rappers shook every stanzas that tom rap like
Heavy handed contact with every bandit in ong bak
Oh u plan to be grander than gods wrath?
That’s like an amputee standing to Jackie chan in a hand to hand combat
Unarmed I gotta sick sense of comedy
I wanna be flown globally in a throne n no economy
I wanna be known for the rap that I say
Cross the map stray from the big apple to bay and then travel back to the African plains
I’m one chap in the game that just has to remain phat
When spitting rap but theres little that is actually attached to my frame
Catch on to my name better latch on to a bigger net
My written text on a track is express and graffed on to a train
The flow I wrote is locomotive non stopping direct
So don’t approach him when he’s droppin his sets