MoneyKat – Omar Musa & Mighty Joe

MoneyKat is an international hip hop duo comprising Omar Musa (Australia) and Mighty Joe (USA). After being sporadic collaborators for years, a highly successful tour in Indonesia spurred them into creating MoneyKat, a group intent on bring their soulful, personal, political and poetic style to ears and minds. With contrasting accents, styles and tones, they are a dynamic musical partnership. Their debut album MoneyKat, recorded in the USA and Australia, will be released in mid 2011. Many people would recognise a money cat statue, painted gold with a waving paw, as a common feature of Asian grocery stores and restaurants. … Continue reading MoneyKat – Omar Musa & Mighty Joe

Omar Musa – World Goes To Pieces

Omar Musa is a rapper and poet from Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia in 1984 and is of Malaysian-Australian heritage. He has lived in London and California and spends most of his time on the road, performing and writing. He has won numerous awards for poetry and music, including the Australian Poetry Slam in 2008 and the British Council’s Realise Your Dream award in 2007. While living in London in 2008, he recorded with MOBO award winning British rapper Akala. He has also run creative workshops in Aboriginal communities in remote Australian towns. His first hip-hop record, The Massive EP, recorded in … Continue reading Omar Musa – World Goes To Pieces