Your Old Droog release’s Packs

After seemingly coming out of nowhere, Your Old Droog set the internet aflame in 2014 with his self-titled debut EP, catching the attention of bloggers all over the web from New York Magazine’s Vulture to NahRight. Before long, conspiracy theories started and people began to posit that Droog was another older, legendary New York rapper in disguise. Profiled in The New Yorker, Droog (meaning “friend” in Russian) set the record straight about who he was: a twenty-something Ukrainian immigrant who fell in love with hip-hop when he arrived in South Brooklyn as a small child. The timbre of his voice … Continue reading Your Old Droog release’s Packs

Your Old Droog LP

Following on from the debut vinyl releases of Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Timeless Truth, Epidemic, Da Buze Bruvaz and uMaNg we have this, the jewel in the 2014 Herring crown. B-Boys and B-Girls, we present for you… Your Old Droog. Famed for so-called experts being convinced he was Nasty Nas in disguise, this Coney Island MC & artist has reeped valuable column inches in high and low brow publications alike. From The New Yorker, to NY Times, The Guardian to MTV [it’s not for us to say which ones are high and which are low!!] dude has been makin headlines … Continue reading Your Old Droog LP

Your Old Droog Hoody Weather feat. Prodigy

Brand new shit from Your Old Droog featuring Prodigy of Mobb Deep with production from Marco Polo. Your Old Droog has been killing it since releasing his debut EP earlier in the year, appropriately titled Your Old Droog EP. The brand new track is titled Hoody Weather, has this up and coming emcee busting for some cool weather, where as in our case here in Australia, bring on summer! Your Old Droog LP coming soon.  Twitter  ||  Audiomack  ||  YouTube Continue reading Your Old Droog Hoody Weather feat. Prodigy

Your Old Droog Sleepers… (Prod. Larry Fisherman)

Cigar rap not blunt wraps. Here we have a brand new track from Your Old Droog. Sleepers… is produced by Mac Miller aka Larry Fisherman.Your Old Droog as an emcee has been likened to Nas so much so, that a lot of the internet considered this to be a secret Nas side project. Whilst these rumours swelled on the interwebz, Mac Miller confirmed that he had actually met Your Old Droog, which we can now confirm through the release of the brand new track Sleepers…, which is produced by Larry Fisherman. Your Old Droog caught huge headlines off the back of the recent Your Old … Continue reading Your Old Droog Sleepers… (Prod. Larry Fisherman)