STATE OF THE ART – Album preview

State Of The Art Cover

Hosting their own little party at Sydney’s 301 Studios, MCs Suffa, Pressure and DJ Debris sampled select tracks from the new record to a small contingent of eager music types.

“Some of our closest friends haven’t even heard this stuff yet,” a slightly awkward Suffa told the crowd with a smile.

Three years in the making, State of the Art is the follow-up to the Hoods’ #1 album The Hard Road and their first in a new deal between their label Golden Era and Universal Records.

They kicked off the sneak peek with album opener The Return, an angry scratch-heavy blast that sees the MCs on the warpath and touting “the return of the motherfucking motherfuckers”. It also features the killer line ‘You smell like Bon Jovi / We smell like Bon Scott’. The lads describe the track as “a punch in the face but in a welcome back kinda way”.

They also swear that the next track She’s So Ugly isn’t about a girl, but the industry – in particular, the endless commercialisation of music and the difficulty in clearing samples these days. With a chorus ‘She’s been used by too many guys / I can’t even look her in the eye’, it’s another fierce and fighting track that, according to the guys, was produced by a 17 year old kid from Germany who sent them beats via email.

Dropping the tempo somewhat, MC Pressure introduced Last Confession, a song he wrote for his four-year-old son. Over twinkly jazz piano and dreamy strings, he raps from the point of view of being in a confession booth as the track builds to a surging drum ‘n’ bass crescendo.

Then the lads pulled out a mega mix of highlights from the previously-leaked Hillatoppa, Chris Farley (a salute to celebrity excess and glory in death) and Still Standing. They also previewed the first single Chase That Feeling, which is about “having a really good feeling and trying to hang onto it.” It’s an impressive first taste and jacks a Moby-esque old-time piano sample (sounds strange but true).

Of course, when it came to highlights the Hoods saved the best ‘til last. Playing a beat off his iPhone into the studio desk and rapping over it live, Suffa delivered what will surely be State of the Art’s coup de grace. Fifty in Five samples a ‘60s tune called ‘2010’ which envisions what life will be like in 2010 and this track is Suffa’s response – fifty years of hypnotic history condensed into five minutes. This song has more lyrics than most rock albums in their entirety – and it’s breathlessly brilliant.

Here is the track list, as you can see there are some big guest appearances. Track 6, “Classic Example” features one of underground hip-hop’s pre-eminent lyricists Pharoahe Monch,  crafting intricate and intelligent raps, this track will surely prove to be a banger.  Track 8, “The Light You Burned” features Funkoar, Trails. When these guys get together you can always be rest assured that your ears are in for a treat.  Track 11 “Hillatoppa”, was previewed earlier this year on Triple J’s Breakfast Show with Robbie, Marieke and the Doctor.  The full album will be released on the June 12, as we all know the title is State Of The Art. So brace yourself people.

The Return
Super Official
Chase That Feeling
She’s So Ugly
Still Standing
Classic Example – Feat. Pharoahe Monch
Chris Farley
The Light You Burned – Feat. Trials
Parade Of The Dead
Last Confession
Fifty In Five
State of the Art (Instrumental) – Exclusive JB track (If pre ordered at JB Hi-Fi).

Extracts taken from – By Mish

Extracts taken from – By Mish