BIAS B – Aerosol Era


It seems that we are in the Era of Era’s (if that makes sense). First it was the Golden Era (Hilltop Hoods) now it’s, The Aerosol Era.

With a host of releases under his belt, Bias B is back in 2009 with a fresh new joint, Aerosol Era. When it comes to quality Australian Hip Hop, Bias B is surely a front runner. With a career spanning over a decade, Bias has been at the forefront of the development and growth of the aussie hip hop scene.

Aerosol Era takes you on a trip back in time, to around 86 – 89. When writers ran the train systems and the Melbourne graffiti scene was in its earliest beginnings. This is an album for the hardcore Bias B fans, those who have connected with Bias through his graff related stories and his involvement with the Melbourne scene over the years. Step back and smell the paint. Aerosol Era will be hitting the shelves early July.

Track listing:
01. Aerosol Era
02. Another Day
03. Fresh Flavours
04. Melbourne Memories
05. Militant Mind State
06. Line To Line
07. Words Of The Wise
09. In The Heat Of The Night
10. Racked That
11. 301
12. Tempera’s Risin’ (feat. Miss Brown)

We can also expect a few live shows with Bias appearing at HQ on July 10. Supports include Dialectrix, Spit Syndicate, Headstrong Company and Chris Bass (Defenders).


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