Sinergy Crew – Sin City (Independent release)


Sinergy Crew are back almost 4 years after their initial Chaos Theory mixtape, with their first studio album Sin City. Both lyrcists, Chains One and Royalz, have stepped up their game since Chaos Theory, with Royalz bringing his trademark dark, boom-bap inspired beats to a new level.

The album features collaborations with Hungry Humans stalwart Raven, ex-Phonic Division member Turps, DBO Crew with help from stablemates Associated Illness. DJ’s Elev8, Gutz and Simple Simon feature on the cuts. Sin City was released on July 4 through Grhyme Productions and is available at all good independent music stores, online/itunes and via their website here.

1. Surprise
2. The Game
3. Hindsight
4. All Out Raw
5. Hip-Hop-Aholics (feat. Turps)
6. Rockin’ The Richter (feat. Raven)
7. Backyard Blitz (feat. AnonMS Yellow, Ol’ Scoobs, Kacs, MC Perplex)
8. Tell Me
9. Who’s The Boss
10. Clear My Mind
11. The Silent Truth
12. Want To Live
13. Such Is Life
14. The Third Eye
15. Sin City
16. Just The Beginning (feat. Angus Younga, Tommy Gunnz, Esvee)