Aussie hip hop in the media…


An interesting article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald today, titled ‘Phat Of The Land’ written by Craig Mathieson featuring comments from Eso, Pegz, Diafrix and mentioning crews Hilltop Hoods, The Herd and Killerqueenz. Now I say interesting article, not for the content, as it’s a story we’ve all heard a million times over, but more interesting for the reaction that it caused throughout the Australian Hip Hop community. From the comments raised on twitter, we see some interesting points of view on the article and hopefully some good buzz for those involved.  Read the reactions below.


urthboy ozhiphop comes of age…again (yawn)

urthboy translates to: ‘we’d like to keep condescending you as illegitimate step-children, but you’re more popular than rock’n’fkn’roll’

urthboy dear aust music media, i know we’re a little weird and ugly… and may not impress your big brother overseas.. but try not to be so dull

Then this from Obese:

obeserecords RT @urthboy ozhiphop comes of age…again (yawn)

obeserecords Our translation of said article: malwihawlawhlhawadnlwaiawi GULLY PLATOON! wiahlwihal THE GREAT DIVIDE awoihaoiwh OUT TODAY!

Then this from Bliss N Eso:

blissnesoEso catches up with the Sydney Morning Herald to discuss a new age in hip hop… peep it:

blissneso @urthboy too true bro – because we’re ever evolving as a scene does this mean we’ll always be considered as the new kids on the block?

Read the article here if you didn’t copy and paste from above.