Anon Speak – Conventional Emporium


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Thanks go to Brad for keeping us in the loop with this one, if anyone else has any info that you’d think we’d find interesting, send us an email.

Hailing from Melbourne, emcee Lakonic and producer DJ Fokus united in early 2008 to try and create a project that would not only delve into early 90’s boom bap, but combine it with a post modern, futuristic spin to concote a sound that would stand the test of time. The result is Conventional Emporium; Anon Speak’s debut LP.

Described as having epic soundscapes and thought provoking lyrics, Conventional Emporium pushes the hip-hop boundaries to lengths somewhat unbeknowst to fans of the genre. Influenced by death, poetry, human nature, all types of music from dub to indie-rock and with a love of loathing and creativity, Anon Speak bring an abstract element to the Australian underground hip-hop scene.

Already having supported the likes of Canadian emcee Classified and JJJ favourites Low budget, Anon Speak are quickly rising and with this their first release, one can only expect interesting things to come as they continue to break down hip-hop stereotypes and conventions to bring you a sound that is far from your average.

If you’d like to hear a bit more you can head here to hear the album sampler.

Debut feature length Conventional Emporium will be available through MGM from October 2 in stores and on i-Tunes.