Bliss N Eso United States Tour


It’s has been a massive year for Bliss N Eso, and it’s only getting bigger. Twitter peeps were given an exclusive link to a website announcing that Bliss N Eso will be touring the USA. The great news didn’t stop there. Bliss n Eso have halted recording duties on their new album to go on this tour.

The guys had been working on their fourth album in a secret recording studio in the Victorian bush (we have seen some Twitter pics of this secret studio) but when they received a call from Canada’s biggest hip-hop act, Swollen Members, asking if they’d support them on their US tour, the offer was too good to turn down.

The multi-ARIA Award-winning trio will join their Canadian mates for four weeks and play to 15 US cities, kicking off in San Luis Obispo on October 20 and wrapping up in Seattle on November 8.  The lads have already released three albums at home but we’re sure their US outing will put them on the worldwide map. Bliss n Eso’s new album is slated for a mid 2010 release. You can read the official announcement here.

In other Bliss N Eso news, the lads have made it to the top 4 of OzArtist 2009. You can vote for the guys here. 

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