Horrorshow – Inside Story Review

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Whoever said South Australia was the home of aussie hip hop may have something to say about this. New South Wales has had some quality releases this year and there is no exception with this one.

Sydney siders Horrorshow, made up of Adit and Solo, are set to release their second full length album titled Inside Story today. We have been spinning this album for about a week now and let me say, we haven’t even scratched the surface of this truly remarkable album.The album has a depth, in both content and style that has to be applauded. The album contains 13 tracks, and features fellow One Dayer crew members Spit Syndicate and also Elefant Traks compadre Jane Tyrrell.

The album cover features a nap sack spewing out a photo montage of what seems to be photos of Solo and Adit’s personal experiences. It’s this style of sharing personal moments, where Horrorshow truly seem to hit their strides.
After opening the cover, we find a nice thick lyric book. The layout and design of the lyric book is top notch, it’s a great addition to the album. After flicking through some of Solo’s lyrics, you quickly realize that the writing skill of this 19-year-old, is well beyond his years.

After pressing play I find myself not skipping the usual cliche intro track but instead, attempting to rap along with Solo’s sampled version of The Message by Grandmaster Flash, this had me hooked instantly.

With all of the 13 tracks having a length of over three and half minutes except the interlude, it really is a massive effort from Horrorshow to fill the time with quality lyrics and beats that aren’t boring, dry or dull. Instead Inside Story is quite the opposite, the album offers one of the most refreshing, exciting and stunning listens of the year. I don’t think I can use the word exciting one more time, but what really got us going the most about this album was its depth and it’s lyrical truthfulness, can’t stress this enough.The title, themes and artwork are as they suggest, an Inside Story on the life and times of Adit and Solo. Horrorshow presents the listener with a clear picture of not only inner Sydney life, but also life as it is growing up in Australia. Solo and Adit announce early on that they are back to give the Grey Space a paint job….. well fuck me, I think they have knocked down what was the Grey Space and rebuilt it with the killer updated version of what is now the Inside Story.

It really was a hard task to review this album. To give you, the reader a real taste of the issues dealt with by Horrorshow, would take 10 more pages. The lads really have captured something special here.

Highlights from the album include:
The Interlude track Nothing To Be Done. A special mention must be made for an interlude track that you don’t skip on after the third listen.
Solo’s writing ability. “You see – kids get bored / kids kill time / so as long as there’s kids on this planet/ kids will rhyme”. We have come to the conclusion that Solo was a very bored kid.
Track 1-13 we shit you not, I have yet to press skip once!

Inside Story has the depth of a Herd album, the polish of a Hoods album and a truthfulness that’s been unheard of for a long time.
Without sounding over the top, Inside Story is the complete aussie hip hop package. Everything ties in nicely, from Solo’s flow and subject matter to Adit’s production and moody beats. Horrorshow bring back something we’ve missed in aussie hip hop lately and that’s a great story.

Overall this album should not be slept on, if you missed The Grey Space, then don’t miss out on one of 2009’s finest releases, Horrorshow’s Inside Story. This album is one to buy for sure. The lyric book alone is worth the purchase price and is a great read. I give Horrorshow – Inside Story 4.25 out of 5. It really blew us away, look out SA!

Later on today I will update this post with a link to the album on iTunes. In the mean time head over to the Horrorshows website here. Below you can check out the track list and times.

Track Listing
01. In 04:20
02. The Show 03:35
03. Thoughtcrime (Doin My Think) 04:35
05. Inside Story 03:42
06. Nothing To Be Done (Interlude) 02:39
07. The Rain 04:26
08. In My Haze (Feat. Jane Tyrrell) 04:29
09. She 05:19
10. Itchy Feet 03:58
11. Neighbourhood Hit (Feat. Spit Syndicate) 03:53
12. Found 05:11
13. Walk You Home (This Day) 04:37