OZ Artist 2009 – Vote for Bliss N Eso

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The top 4 include Empire of the Sun, Short Stake, Kisschasey and of course Bliss n Eso. Voting starts all over again with the winner to be announced on Channel V in a 60 minute special on Saturday 10 October at 12noon.

Votes close this Thursday October 8, so be quick to have your say in the OZ artist 2009 awards.
The guys need your help to take out the title!

Last week also saw the launch of the long awaited Flying Colours Clothing website. Featuring a heap of new BnE merch including unisex Hoodies, Guys & Girls Tees, Girls Singlets, Hats, Kicks and more!

If you haven’t heard much about the Flying Colours Clothing project read on:

As Bliss n Eso’s music career has grown over the past 10 years, the crew have found the increasing need for an outlet which provides quality, customised band merchandise. For years traditional outlets for “standard” band merch have been available for artists, but Bliss n Eso wanted to take their product to the next level.

Enter brand manager Tom Macdonald. The collaboration between BnE and Tom first began with the Bliss n Eso x Big Undie Limited Edition hoody & kicks release (Which we all dig here at allaussie hip hop).  After a massive response they realised if they combine their strengths they could create something truly special and unique. In 2008 Bliss n Eso released Flying Colours Clothing – the crew’s own music inspired clothing label intended to push the boundaries of how music, culture and fashion collide.

Everything has a beginning and we’ve been working on some exciting new projects & collaborations which will soon be revealed. Flying Colours Clothing will be dropping its first full range in winter 2010, with limited releases over summer 2009. For now grab yourself some exclusive BnE/Flying Colours gear and Stay tuned for the first Official Flying Colours pieces dropping this summer.

Checkout some of the latest releases: