Cook Up: Hilltop Hoods – Mr Pressures Drunken Lamb

Here at allaussie hip hop, we like to give our readers original, interesting and up to date content. So in all efforts to continue this fine tradition, allaussie hip hop have started a monthly cook up column, featuring all of your favourite local hip hop artists.

To kick off our first ever Cook Up, we thought that we would ask someone special to have a go, someone who currently is at the top of their game, someone who could not only tear up the local hip hop scene but also the kitchen. So without any further delay, may we introduce our first top dish, titled “Mr Pressures Drunken Lamb”. That’s right people, Pressure from the Hilltop Hoods, has taken time out of his busy Still Standing tour schedule, to provide us with one tight looking recipe. So pay attention people and get ready for your taste buds to be rocked.


1 Drunk Chef hosting a BBQ for 4-8 people
50 ml of Red Wine (pref Cabernet Sauvignon, drink the rest of the bottle/pig sack)
1 Leg of Lamb
1 tbl sp of sea salt
1 tbl sp of cracked pepper
1 red chili (or more if you like it spicy)
50 ml Virgin Olive Oil
1 clove of garlic
1 can of crushed tomatoes (375 ml)

-This is a mad simple recipe for the most drunken host, me. Cut the meat off the leg of lamb in a circular motion following the bone so you can lay it out flat in one piece, if you fuck it up and cut it into several big pieces it’s all good. Finely chop or crush the garlic and chili. Get a large roasting dish of some sort and throw everything into it, mix it up well and let it marinate for a minimum of two hours, over night if possible.

-Fire up the BBQ to its lowest flame and at the same time pre-heat your oven to 100 degrees celsius. Seer the Lamb on the BBQ for 5-7 mins each side then put back into the roasting dish with the marinade. Paste some of the marinade over the meat when you BBQ it so it seals the lamb in a crust, leave a little in the tray for it to roast in. Throw your half cooked lamb into the oven for 45 mins if you like it a little pink or 1 hour for medium/well done. This will give you enough time to cook what ever else you wanted to on the BBQ to serve with it (potatoes, onions etc). If you’re a mad posh cunt slice it thinly and serve in on top of some garlic mash and a greek salad as a side, drink shit loads of red wine with it!

Mr Pressure

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