Kid Selzy – The Creepshow

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The last 2 years have been extremely busy for Kid Selzy, Shortly after appearing on the highly Acclaimed compilation Dental Records vol.1 Kid Selzy dropped The Creep Which has become a underground favorite & as a result had to be repressed due to the first pressing selling out in very quick succession. But before the limited edition repress hit stores Kid Selzy had already started work on his now highly anticipated debut lp The Creepshow which contains 18 brand new full length tracks.

The Creepshow is an extremely diverse album with very personal songs such as The Truth, Amard, Nevermind and Go It Alone, but still contains classic raw no holds barred joints like Grimey Shit, Grindcore, The Bells, Semantics, Audio Strychnine, Xanax & Lights Out. It also is full of Kid Selzy’s trademark style of street life commentary infused with his personal views of society and the world he resides in on standout tracks like Children of the Damned and Falling.

The Creepshow has an absolute killer production line up featuring beats from Trem, Tornts, Gargoyle, DJ Guttertrash, Illuminate, Ciecmate, Kid Selzy & l.i.s.n (U.S.A) plus guest verses from Lucky (Randam Luck), Pace Won (Outsidaz), Tornts, a.DD, Fluent Form, Gargoyle, Porsah Laine & cuts by Sammy Scizzors. After dropping 2 sold out street mixtapes, the success of The Creep & opening for artists such as Autism, Tomahawk, Mortar, Tornts, Gargoyle, Bunks & more, Kid Selzy is ready to introduce you to his long awaited full length LP The Creepshow. The Wait is over!!

Track listing
1. Welcome
Producer – Illuminate, Kid Selzy
2. What More Can I Say?
Producer – Lisn
3. Grimey Shit
Producer – Tornts
4. Amard
Producer – Lisn
5. Know 1
Producer – Kid Selzy
6. Trios Amigos ft. a.DD, Pace Won
Producer – Paddy O
7. Nevermind ft. Porsah Laine
Producer – Lisn
8. Mary Jane
Producer – Lisn
9. Xanax ft. Gargoyle
Producer – Illuminate
10.Audio Strychnine ft. Tornts
Producer – Tornts
11.Grindcore ft. a.DD
Producer – Trem
12.The Bells
Producer – Gargoyle
13.Children Of The Damned
Producer – Trem
14.Semantics ft. Fluent Form
Producer – Ciecmate
15.Lights Out ft. Lucky Luciano (Randam Luck)
Producer – DJGuttertrash
Producer – Lisn
17 Go It Alone
Producer – Lisn
18 The Truth
Producer – Illuminate

You can visit Kid Selzy at his Myspace here, or head over to his online shop here.