Kid Selzy Dial M For Melbourne

Melbourne underground rapper Kid Selzy returns with the highly anticipated album Dial M for Melbourne. In between records he has collaborated on several projects, featuring on Fluent Form’s album Word Merchant as well as Ciecmate’s Chess Sounds production album, Tornts Deadbrain Diaries and the Maggot Mouf/Sammy Scissors album Running With Scissors. Dial M for Melbourne has been in the works since 2010 and may just well be Selzys magnum opus. Many tracks were recorded for the album that didn’t make the cut however Selzy he has confidence in his product and believes in quality over saturation. The new album has 12 full length tracks with no … Continue reading Kid Selzy Dial M For Melbourne

Tornts – The Deadbrain Diaries (Sept. 3)

Staggering out of the radioactive fog that tolls the end for the rotten city crumbling behind comes Tornts, the shuffle of dead feet the only sound in this blasted landscape. The Deadbrain Diaries charts the final, terminal years of a tumoured city. The last, brief flares of light spark from amber glass to sharp steel and rough paper. Tornts has unleashed a furious tirade, raging against the indifference of the bone grinding machine and the piss stained nightmares on every street corner. This is the staggering power of the Tornts juggernaut at full throttle. As one of the leaders of … Continue reading Tornts – The Deadbrain Diaries (Sept. 3)

Kid Selzy – The Creepshow

The last 2 years have been extremely busy for Kid Selzy, Shortly after appearing on the highly Acclaimed compilation Dental Records vol.1 Kid Selzy dropped The Creep Which has become a underground favorite & as a result had to be repressed due to the first pressing selling out in very quick succession. But before the limited edition repress hit stores Kid Selzy had already started work on his now highly anticipated debut lp The Creepshow which contains 18 brand new full length tracks. The Creepshow is an extremely diverse album with very personal songs such as The Truth, Amard, Nevermind … Continue reading Kid Selzy – The Creepshow

Revolver MC Championship 2009 results

The 11th annual Revolver MC Championship was held last week on Thursday 16th  September. Melbourne MCs, as well as a few from interstate who made the trip to enter the competition battled it out for the grand prize valued at over $8000. Local Defron was victorious with a unanimous decision form the judges. He beat Illuminate to the prize, who was also the 2008 runner up.  Crowd favourite, with a prize pack valued at $1000 was awarded to Gabi from Sydney. The final battle can be viewed on Revolver’s YouTube channel here. The remaining 14 battles will be online for … Continue reading Revolver MC Championship 2009 results