Kid Selzy Dial M For Melbourne

Melbourne underground rapper Kid Selzy returns with the highly anticipated album Dial M for Melbourne. In between records he has collaborated on several projects, featuring on Fluent Form’s album Word Merchant as well as Ciecmate’s Chess Sounds production album, Tornts Deadbrain Diaries and the Maggot Mouf/Sammy Scissors album Running With Scissors.

kid selzy dial m for melbourne

Dial M for Melbourne has been in the works since 2010 and may just well be Selzys magnum opus. Many tracks were recorded for the album that didn’t make the cut however Selzy he has confidence in his product and believes in quality over saturation. The new album has 12 full length tracks with no interludes. Themes range from stories of St. Kilda locals, to the effects anti-depressents and being homeless. There are also songs about everyday life and how Kid Selzy views the world. Listening to the vivid images he paints with words the audience is able to see the world though his perspective.

The Dial M for Melbourne LP release has only two collab tracks as Selzy wanted people to buy the album for artist, not the guests appearing on it. Gargoyle, Gutz & Illuminate feature on a banging posse cut and Hospa the horrorble drops a verse with Kid Selzy about a binge.

Production for the album is handled by Endemic, Tornts, Illumiate, Bonezy 2 Bladez, Wik, Paddy-O, Kid Selzy & more. Kid Selzy Dial M For Melbourne drops April 4th.

Track Listing
Disc 1:
Dial M for Melbourne
Sin Kilda
Altered Design
Dead End Streets
This Life
In the Past
Tools of the Trade
Todays News
Programmed Your Brain
White Sheets
The Grand Finale Pt 2

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