allaussie hip hop’s spotlight on: Pokerbeats

pokerbeats allaussie hip hop

You may have heard the name Pokerbeats floating around the traps lately and if you have it’s for good reason. Pokerbeats is a 25-year-old hip hop producer from Regensburg, Germany (around one hour from Munich for those geography heads). Pokerbeats has worked with variety of artists in a variety of locations from Austria, Switzerland, Japan, America and more of late Australia.

For someone who lives so far away he has been working with some big names in the Australian scene. Pokerbeats first hit the aussie shores after he did a beat for the Hilltop Hoods track She’s So Ugly, which featured on their platinum album State Of The Art. Now he is working with several Australian crews and producers such as Briggs, Muph (new album on the way??), Mind Over Matter and many more.

There has also been interest from a few crews on twitter including Choose Mics and Urthboy.

If you’re interested in working with the man himself, hit him up at the following places. Twitter or MySpace.