Crate Creeps and Prue Product Albums 2010

Both the Crate Creeps and Pure Product have their own albums coming up for release in early 2010 and DJ Butcher and 4th thought they’d do a short track for Myspace (here) and Youtube (above) to let everyone know that shit is happening and that new albums are in the works!!

Crate Creeps consists of DJ Butcher and Tommy Illfigga and are two like-minded producers who, with a similar sound became friends. After producing music separately for over 6 years each they have united to form The Crate Creeps.

The guys are currently working on a 18 track compilation release, with all production by the Crate Creeps, featuring Australia’s best emcees with some special appearances by numerous overseas bigshots. Their debut album, as mentioned above will be out in early 2010.